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We know Finnish hair and the demands that the Nordic weather imposes on it

Unique know-how in the hair sector for seven decades

Per Erik Ståhle with family started the development of natural shampoos and hairproducts in the Punavuori district in Helsinki already in the 1920’s. The family went door-to-door selling their products and sometimes finding buyers in high society drug stores. It wasn’t until 1942 that a company named Biozell-Ståhle was established and a year later renamed Norlas Oy. Biozell continued as the company’s brand name. A Factory was set up on Kalevankatu in Helsinki where the business continued to develop further.

Norlas has always accounted for finnish hair care & styling needs in accordance with the times, the hairspray created for the beehive look in the 50’s is still for sale. The curls and perms of the 80’s brought the gels and mousses to the line up. Biozell products are a part of Finnish working history. The company has always cherished Finnish creativeness and know-how. The Finnish consumers opinions and wishes guide our ptoduct development and selection.

Norlas is a professional partner

Norlas is a professional partner in the hair products industry both for brick & mortar stores and hair professionals alike. We continue to develop the Biozell brand and strive to release new products for changing market trends.

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