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We want to make everyday life more fun by offering unique, personal and better food.

Vitaseege is a FMCG professional. We offer food that makes people happy.

The Vitaseege story begins with the establishing of Oy Seege Ab in the year 1973. We became infatuated with products that had a clear identity and had previously not been seen on the Finnish market. We chose products that carried a story and an identity. We made them into brands that Finnish people loved. Vitaseege has come a long way from the 70s but we still believe that mundane choices can make a day brighter. We will keep working with quality products that offer that little something extra to make each day into a unique story.

In the year 2003 Vitaseege was founded as its own sales and marketing company. We currently employ 14 grocery professionals and our sales representatives cover the whole of Finland. We work with all grocery retailers in Finland and are a member of the European Sales and Marketing association.

Many well-known consumer goods flow through the Vitaseege chain of command. We manage marketing and distribution and our product portfolio includes SoFine, Wewalka, Vegesun, Eat Natural and Rauch.

We know sales, marketing and logistics.

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